No Waste

Made from unused cotton linter - the short downy fiber that enfolds the cotton seed


It is made from 100% plant based fiber, leaving no residue upon disposal

Soft Handfeel

Cupro is often used as a vegan and dry-wash alternative to silk due to the smoothness and drapability


Avoid discomfort due to static adhesion

Fresh & Clean

Absorbs and releases moisture, reduce sultry feeling. Comfortable to wear all year round

Cupro fabric is made of regenerated cellulose fibers from recycled cotton linter, cupro material is breathable and regulates temperature like cotton, drapes elegantly, and feels like silk.

  • Cupro raw material is unused cotton linter.

  • This is the short downy fibre that enfolds the cotton seed.

  • All impurities are removed from this tiny material transforming it into a thread.

  • Born from cotton, Cupro is both gentle and functional.

Cotton Linter

Cotton linters, the relatively short fuzz left on cottonseed after the cotton ginning process, is the purest cellulose in chemistry having hundreds of end uses. The end product available from linters is an extremely valuable renewable resource having more uses than any other part of the cottonseed.