• NATIVA was launched by Chargeurs Luxury Materials, the world leader in luxury combed wool, and offers unprecedented methods in terms of social, animal, and environmental responsibility.

  • With NATIVA, the world’s leading brands get to prove their strong commitment to transparency, sustainability, and responsibility.

  • NATIVA was born out of the passion of Chargeurs Luxury Materials’ team and Merino wool producers around the world for this natural fiber of incomparable quality. Growers actively steward this precious resource through new irrigation techniques, no-till practices, in-field measurements, and new crop varieties that allow them to use water efficiently and protect water quality.

  • And all is made traceable through blockchain technology. Blockchain Technology records transactions in a digital tamper-proof and decentralized database. Information is distributed across a network of computers or nodes, is accessible to anyone in the network, and cannot be altered or deleted.